Lila. Experiments with the Truth. Naked Yoga

Lila. Experiments with the Truth. NY.

74 asanas
74 states
Each of them is
…a way to integrate with the outside world
… to search for the matching puzzle piece
… to see the thought and its absence
… exhale and stop before drawing a new breath
…question yourself and give the answer
Through each Asana you
appeal to yourself.
appeal to God.
The energy texture of time and space.
You become naked – and all sensations become sharper, brighter…
you have nothing to hide…
you have nobody to lie to…
you have no reason to be someone else…

The courage to be yourself, what you are, realizing yourself, your body as a concentrated field of love. By which your contact with life grows stronger, more complete.
Try it.
It's simple and powerful.
Honestly and incredibly beautiful.
At the moment when You appear, everything that is needed for a miracle to occur appears as well.

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ווצאפ ווצאפ
השאירו פרטים